Managing Izzy [Radio Scotland]



Sue Teddern's witty Edinburgh based sitcom pits cannily capable Janine against her ditzy new boss Izzy. Janine hasn't worked in an office for nearly 20 years and has never heard of hot-desking, Tweeting or organic Rooibos. But Izzy couldn't have hired a better PA, especially when she takes a bunch of American foodies on an ill-fated tour of the Trossachs, alienates her besotted driver and loses head honcho, Ben, in the middle of nowhere after 'schmoozing' him good and proper the night before. Despite major driving anxieties, Janine retrieves the now legless Ben from a bar in Balquhidder and entertains him with 'real' Scottish food, while also organising Izzy's dad's surprise 60th birthday party. She even lets Izzy believe she saved the day. They'll make a great team...

Cast :

Izzy... Morven Christie

Janine... Siobhan Redmond

Ashley... Sam Heughan

Greg....Gordon Kennedy

Ben....Felix Dexter

Director Marilyn Imrie

Producer Gordon Kennedy

Absolutely Productions Ltd.