Man Who Knew Everything, The

By Robin Brooks.

Jack Klaff stars at George Lewis, the famous 19th-century lawyer who defended the indefensible and never lost.

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0101Madame Rachel And The Waters Of Life20000928By Robin Brooks.|Jack Klaff stars at George Lewis, the famous 19th-century lawyer who defended the indefensible and never lost.Several impressionable women have been robbed and defrauded at a fashionable bathing house.|With Estelle Kohler, Julian Wadham and Jane Gurnett
0102Virginia Crawford20001005swears she has been seduced by Sir Charles Dilke, a prominent politician.|The accusation could wreck his career, changing the face of British politics.|With Nicholas Woodeson, Ruth Platt and Ron Cook
0103The Pimlico Poisoning20001012The young and glamorous Adelaide Bartlett's husband has died of chloroform poisoning: is it suicide or murder? With Julie Cox, Jonathan Firth and Jasper Britton.|Directed by Clive Brill
0104 LASTThe Ghastly Mordaunt Business20001019Lady Harriet Mordaunt refuses to name the father of her illegitimate child.|Her husband demands a divorce and the case threatens to involve the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria herself.|With Emily Hamilton, Charlie Simpson and Jonathan Firth.|Directed by Clive Brill
0201The Extraordinary Case Of Serafino Pelizzioni2001100320030728Lewis becomes absorbed in a seemingly impossible case, as a murderous pub brawl becomes an unprecedented miscarriage of justice.|George Lewis....Jack Klaff Russell....Julian Wadham Countess Negretti....Suzanne Bertish Victorine....Poppy Miller Joe Binney....Nicholas Woodeson Pelizzioni....Nicholas Murchie Gregorio....Alan Cox Mayne....Christian Rodska Manzani....Stephen Mangan Banks....Jonathan Tafler Lady Amelia....Sarah Eedle Sally....Anna Stewart Directed by Clive Brill
0202The Balham Mystery2001101020030804A mysterious poisoning tempts Lewis to indulge his skills in cross-examination.|Starring Jack Klaff as George Lewis, the celebrated 19th Century lawyer who defended the indefensible and never lost.|George Lewis....Jack Klaff Russell....Julian Wadham James....Alex Lowe Florence Bravo....Anne-marie Duff Charles Bravo....Stephen Mangan Joseph Bravo....Don Warrington Jane Cox....Susan Brown Butcher....Ron Cook Banks....Jonathan Tafler Mrs Campbell....Regina Freedman Director....Clive Brill
0203 LASTDarling Daisy2001101720030811