Mallorca And Middle-aged Men In Lycra



Each year thousands of Middle-Aged Men in Lycra flock to Mallorca for sun, sea and saddles. Described by Sir Bradley Wiggins as a 'Scalextric for cyclists', we find out why the island is such a Mecca for cyclists.

Cycling in the UK is nothing like this. It can be wet, windy and cold and traffic can make riding a bike risky business. But in Mallorca the climate is perfect, the terrain is varied and drivers are considerate. We speak to self-confessed 'Mamils' - Middle-Aged Men In Lycra - about their love for cycling, and visit Mallorca to meet the riders who follow the pedals of their heroes, most notably Sir Bradley Wiggins who has a regular base on the island and trains here to prepare for his epic races.

Ahead of the Tour De France that this year begins in Yorkshire, we trace the emergence of the Mamil; we look at their bikes, their kit, their love of lycra and their motivation and discover why cycling has become the boom sport it has in the UK.