Male Order

Series of dramas exploring internet dating in its various forms.


01Leonard And Noy20061204

Leonard and Noy meet in Bangkok having made contact through Your Thai Bride, the 'ethical international marriage internet agency for Western Gentlemen Worldwide? They struggle to construct a real relationship from the escapist ideals they each started out with.

Leonard....Rob Jarvis

Noy....Liz Sutherland

Jeremy....Alan Marriot.

02* Galina20061205

By Jonathan Myerson.

Galina lives with her nine-year-old son Alexei in Moscow.

She recently signed up with an internet agency that specialises in setting up social evenings with visiting foreign men.

The promise of escape comes in the form of Giles, who works for an insurance company in Basingstoke.

But she has to decide whether or not to jettison her independence.


By Jonathan Myerson.

Gilly is a forty-something divorced mother facing the looming prospect of life post-children.

She's had various boyfriends and encounters with male fellow residents of Esher in Surrey (set up by her friends), but she has come to the inescapable conclusion that her future is looking decidedly empty.

Gilly....Nicola Walker

Colin (and other parts)....Alan Marriot.


Written and directed by Nick Russell-Pavier.

Martin lives in Newcastle and works as an archaeological geophysicist.

He's conscious just his job title alone makes him sound boring.

And since being dumped by his girlfriend four years ago he's slowly given up on romance.

His co-worker, down-to-earth, no nonsense, Alice, encourages him, listens to his tales of woe, and triumphs when he finally begins to make some progress with Enriqueta from Colombia.

Alice, however, holds the final trump card.

Martin....Mark Bonnar

Alice....Rosie Caveliero

Enriqueta....Mia Soteriou

05 LASTLeonard And Noy Return20061208

Leonard and Noy are married and living in Lowestoft.

Their lives together are taking time to settle down into the secure, comfortable routine they had both hoped for.

The relationship begins to fracture when Martin discovers Noy has been looking into flights to Bangkok and Noy finds a letter from Martin?s solicitor advising him about divorce and Home Office policy on marriage to non-UK nationals.

Leonard....Rob Jarvis

Noy....Liz Sutherland

Jeremy....Alan Marriot.