Major Barbara



MASSEY Anna....Major Barbara
PHILLIPS John....Andrew Undershaft
CLYDE Jeremy....Adolphus Cusins
WATFORD Gwen....Lady Britomart
GUARD Christopher....Stephen
KIDD Josie....Sarah
GOOD Christopher....Charles Lomax
MCSTAY Michael....Morrison / Bilton
PAIGE Peggy....Rummy Mitchens
CARROLL Brian....Snobby Price
HARRIS Judy....Jenny Hill
FENTON Leonard....Peter Shirley
HOLLIS John....Bill Walker
MATHESON Joan....Mrs Baines
Directed by Ronald Mason.

01Drama2016060520160611 (R4)

After a long absence George Bernard Shaw returns

to the Radio 4 airwaves in this new 2 part drama.

Starring Eleanor Tomlinson as Barbara and

Rebecca Front as Lady Britomart.

Barbara's mission is to save East End souls in the West Ham

Salvation shelter. A tale of rich privilege and a battle of wills. All

wrapped up in a romance, the return of a long lost father and

a little matter of finding a foundling to carry on the Undershaft

arms and gunpowder empire.

Concertina played by Colin Guthrie and the

Cornet by Peter Ringrose

Produced and Directed by Tracey Neale

Major Barbara, written in 1905, is funny, enjoyable and crafty in dividing opinion and it leaves you pondering whether anything has changed over the years. It cleverly splits into two episodes for this Radio 4 production.

At its heart - a simple and intriguing conflict: the struggle between arms manufacturer Andrew Undershaft and his Salvationist daughter Barbara. Can a father win his daughter's heart and mind?

All the best things about George Bernard Shaw are here - the humour, the teasing paradoxical thinking and the sense of life being both absurd and deadly serious. How should people be ruled and how should they be helped? And who is really pulling the strings in the struggle for power - politicians or money?


Peter Hall directs Bernard Shaw's devastatingly witty comedy, featuring the cast from the recent West End production: Anna Carteret, Crispin Bonham Carter, Stephen Noonan, Jemma Redgrave and Peter Bowles.