The Magpie Stories

Ten tales for the superstitious inspired by the magpie rhyme.


02Two For Joy20020219

by Katie Hims. Moya has always been the kind of woman nobody notices, but a chance comment by the butcher changes everything.

03Three For A Girl20020220

by Katie Hims. For her wedding, Roberta protects herself from bad luck by following all the old superstitions.

04Four For A Boy20020221

Ten tales inspired by the magpie rhyme.

4: `Four for a Boy' by Charlotte Jones.

In 1968, Anne wanted a son - a girl baby would not do.

With Jan Ravens and Mark Rice-Oxley.

05Five For Silver20020222

5: `Five for Silver' by Shelley Silas.

There are surprise guests at a 25-year celebration.

06Six For Gold20020225

by Shelley Silas.

A man gives his wife a good luck token.

07Seven For A Secret Never To Be Told20020226

Ten tales for the superstitious. 7: `Seven for a Secret Never to Be Told' by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A customer tells a barber a secret that he would rather not have heard.

08Eight For A Lie20020227

by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A novelist famous for stories of his idyllic childhood makes an important discovery.

09Nine For Truth20020228

by Shelley Silas. A woman wants to know what her husband is really up to.

10The Secret Of Eternal Youth20020301

Ten tales for the superstitious.

10: `The Secret of Eternal Youth' by Katie Hims.

A girl meets a boy at the fair who, though most unsuitable, has an attractive secret.

01One For Sorrow20020218

by Charlotte Jones.

Howard finds his ideal woman.

With Paul Ritter.

Directed by Claire Grove