Magic Theatre Of Hermann Hesse, The

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20120820Tracing the legacy of the cult Swiss-German writer Hermann Hesse.
20120820Hermann Hesse is the biggest-selling author in the German language - responsible for Steppenwolf, a 'bible' for the '68 generation; Siddhartha, which influenced aspects of the New Age movement; and The Glass Bead Game, which is now inspiring game designers.|In this programme, the reasons for the durability of his iconic status are examined by those for whom his appeal has survived beyond a youthful fixation. |Peter Owen is the publisher who first introduced Hesse's work to Britain in the 1950s. John Wilson is a Professor of mathematics at Oxford University and keen musician who has attempted to interpret the rules of Hesse's Nobel Prize-winning Glass Bead Game. Eric Zimmerman is a New York-based games designer who found inspiration in Hesse's writing for a game that evaluates cultural aesthetics. Johnny Flynn is a singer-songwriter who fell under the spell of Hesse's fascination with eastern mysticism. Susanne Voelker runs the Hesse museum in south-west Germany and believes the author's influence is felt by readers of all generations and demographics who are making life decisions.|The Magic Theatre of Hermann Hesse weaves together their testimonies with readings from Hesse's work and music from both his own time and from ours. |Produced by Alan Hall|A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.