By Gee Williams, read by Richard Elfyn. Childhood memories of an unexpected Christmas meal.


0101Class Of 812002062420030420

by Joanne Harris, read by Pam Ferris. 20 years after graduating, a group of witches arrange a reunion.

0102My Daughter, The Fox2002062520030427

by Jackie Kay, read by Siobhan Redmond. A woman gives birth to a fox on the stroke of midnight.

0103The Man Who Made Himself Disappear20020626

by John O'farrell, read by Chris Langham.

A brilliant physics professor tries to win his assistant's love.


by Andrea Ashworth, read by Gillian Kearney.

Emmy, anxious to fit in at a new school, hides her feelings for a bullied boy.

0105 LASTDiva2002062820030511

by Isla Dewar, read by Amanda Root. At school, Tilly dreams of being an opera singer, but is too much of a tearaway to join the choir.