Macmillan's Marvellous Motion Machine



Written by Jules Horne.

Young Scots country blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan is a man of ideas, like the velocipede - a clanking, pedalled contraption that's the ancestor of the modern bike.

The cranky, smoky voice of the velocipede is our narrator, and Kirkpatrick's constant companion.

Kirkpatrick has been working on the velocipede for the past two years.

Dreaming of fame, he's oblivious to girls' attentions, smitten instead with his velocipede, he's going to ride the 70 miles from Dumfries to Glasgow.

It's the summer of 1840, and a long way to go cross-country without brakes.

But he'll get there quicker than the stagecoach.

They'll see.

First, he meets Gavin Dalziel, an engineer.

Dalziel takes a mighty interest in the velocipede, measures it up and rushes to his workshop, but Pate is too naive to notice.

Pate and the velocipede clank to the top of the final hill and then: Glasgow! In the city, he grazes a small girl and is hauled up in court for dangerous driving.

The velocipede is seen as a treacherous contraption, and he's found guilty and fined for dangerous driving.

He's mortified and finally crushed.

When he and the velocipede eventually arrive home, the shameful news has got there before him.

Fury drives him out in search of a wife.

He strides into the kitchens at Drumlanrig Castle and asks the maids who wants the job.

And there's one who laughs and takes him up on it.

Gavin Dalziel becomes rich and famous as the inventor of the pedal bicycle.

The bicycle is delighted.

Kirkpatrick stops inventing and has a grand life.


Kirkpatrick MacMillan - Scott Hoatson

Machine - John Kazek

Catherine - Gabriel Quigley

Duke - Gavin Mitchell

Duchess - Isabella Jarrett

Wee Toddy - Leo MacNeill

Director: Rosie Kellaghe.

The true story of Scots blacksmith Macmillan, who invented the pedal bicycle in 1840.