The Macguffin

A week of intriguing tales inspired by Hithcock's favourite plot device.


01Willy's List20061106

By Louise Welsh, read by Jimmy Chisholm.
Fearing for their lives, a group of friends set out to assassinate a politician with the little help of a little cardboard box filled with nothing but air.

02The Cuckquean20061107

By Hannah McGill, read by Mary Riggans.

A widow finds herself moved by the possibilities of power when her famous husband dies.

03The Man Who Knew Too Little20061108

By James Robertson, read by Richard Greenwood.

Having lived an uninspired life, Roger Townsend is a troubled man ? but will meeting a psychiatrist ease or inflame his lifetime?s obsession with an enigmatic woman and her little black box?

04Night's High Noon20061109

By Linda Cracknell, read by Robin Laing.
A darkly atmospheric tale in which one man's desire for fame becomes a sinister need for notoriety.

05 LASTThe Pawnbroker's Melody20061110

By Usual Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie.

An emotionless man steals a priceless cello.

Read by Angus Macinnes