Lying Undiscovered



By Richard Monks A mother is reunited with her son twenty years after his disappearance as a toddler. But this may not be the joyous reunion that it appears to be. A far more sinister truth about what really happened to the child begins to emerge. Rachel tells the story about what happened to her both in the past, from the moment she got pregnant, Lawrence's birth to the day he disappeared, and the subsequent police investigation, to now when the investigation is re-opened. A young man with amnesia is submitted to hospital after being attacked and the only possible piece of identification is a Christening bracelet identical to Lawrence's, with his initials on. It is only when she is finally driven to confess what truly happened we realise why she has so needed to convince herself that Lawrence is still alive.

Rachel....Julia Ford

Colin....Nicholas Gleaves

Jack....Joe Duttine

Avril....Denise Black

Estate Agent....Andrew Harrison

Mother....Jemma Churchill

Young Man....Ben Crowe

Prison Officer....Stephen Critchlow

Directed by Sally Avens