Lucia's Progress

Mapp and Lucia renew their rivalry for social supremacy in EF Benson's classic comedy, dramatised by John Peacock.



While Georgie goes into hiding, Lucia, Queen of Tilling, approaches her fiftieth birthday, determined to make her mark on history.

  • benjy....patrick ryecart
  • directed by - Celia De Wolff
  • directed by Celia De Wolff
  • diva....Sylvestra Le Touzel
  • ef benson....nickolas grace
  • foreman....Ian Masters
  • georgie....Guy Henry
  • grosvenor....Rachel Atkins
  • irene....Rachel Atkins
  • lucia....belinda lang
  • mapp....Nichola Mcauliffe
  • mayor....Ian Masters
  • mr wyse....Ian Masters
  • padre....Simon Treves
  • percy....Simon Treves

  • 02*20080408

    With Mapp and Lucia running against each other in the council elections, loyalties are divided and a new baby is expected in Tilling.


    As the Mapp-Flints fall on hard times, Lucia offers a solution and finds herself at the centre of an archeological discovery.


    Lucia reaches the end of her excavations and begins to see the fruits of her political endeavours.

    05 LAST*20080411

    The floods hit Tilling and the Mapp-Flints find themselves once again at the mercy of Lucia.

    Georgie makes an unexpected proposal.