Loving The Raven


01The Regency Parrot2009011220091207

Andrew Taylor investigates Edgar Allan Poe's childhood in England and the inspiration behind his own bestselling novel The American Boy.

02The Raven In Love2009011320091208

Chocolat author Joanne Harris discusses the women in Poe's life and the influence they had on his stories, arguing that he was a feminist at heart.

03Through The Door, Beyond The Mirror2009011420091209

Louise Welsh journeys through the many rooms and grounds of 'the melancholy House of Usher', exposing and dissecting Edgar Allan Poe's gothic heart.

04An Inquiry Will Amuse Us - Poe And The Invention Of Crime Fiction2009011520091210

Mark Lawson looks at The Murders In The Rue Morgue, celebrating Poe's pioneering spirit, and revealing how many of the defining characteristics of contemporary crime fiction can be traced back to this classic tale.

05 LASTThou Hast Murdered Thyself2009011620091211

Kim Newman discusses Poe, the man and his alter-ego, looking at one of his lesser known stories, William Wilson.

By analysing it, he believes we may come closest to understanding the terrors that fired Poe's imagination.