John Banville's dramatisation of Henry Green's tale of life above and below stairs in an Irish country house during World War II.



On Mr Sheldon's death, footman Raunce acts fast to acquire the vacancy of butler at Castle Tennent.

But how will the other servants in the household react to his sudden rise in status?

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In the absence of Mrs Tennent, the servants have enjoyed free reign of the castle.

The peace of the household is disrupted, however, when an insurance man arrives enquiring about Mrs Tennent's missing diamond ring.

  • albert....Johnny Brennan
  • bert....harry eden
  • capt.

    davenport....Mark Straker

  • edith....leanne rowe
  • kate....zoe tapper
  • miss burch....Amanda Root
  • miss welch....pauline quirke
  • mrs tennent....Joanna David
  • raunce....martin kemp
  • violet....Claudia Harrison