Lover's Rock



By Rex Obano

It is Brixton 1981 and the British brand of reggae, "Lover's Rock" reverberates from Blues parties. The legacy of the New Cross Fire, in which 13 young people died, spurs young black pacifist Ben into activism. He must grapple with both his politics and his sexuality to come to terms with his own identity. Both he and Monroe, aspiring producer of Lover's Rock, find themselves at the sharp end of the Riots.

Ben - Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Monroe - Tobi Bakare

Ray - Ben Crowe

Angela - Eleanor Crooks

Ginger - Will Howard

Sergeant Fraser - Gerard McDermott

Wells - Patrick Brennan

The Producer - Paul Stonehouse

The Controller - Stephanie Racine

Girl - Lizzie Watts

Director: David Hunter