The Loved One



By Evelyn Waugh, adapted by Jonathan Holloway.

California, just after the Second World War: An elderly Englishman, who once made a living as a Hollywood scriptwriter, has taken in a younger version of the same species who is also struggling to make his way in the new world.

He thought he was a poet once, but now earns a living in a pet cemetery. Preoccupied with dead things, he meets a young female embalmer and suddenly everything begins to go right.

Evelyn Waugh's novel has been called 'one of the funniest and most significant books of the 20th century'.

Dennis Barlow....Julian Rhind-tutt

  • aimee....Jennifer Lee Jellicorse
  • mr heinkel....Peter Marinker
  • mr joyboy....Mark Gatiss
  • mrs heinkel....Barbara Barnes
  • mrs joyboy....Barbara Barnes
  • schultz....Peter Marinker
  • sir ambrose abercrombie....David Troughton
  • sir francis hinsley....Clive Swift
  • slump....Peter Marinker
  • telephonist....Barbara Barnes