by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran

As the world faces nuclear extinction

two Americans trapped in London find themselves thrown together

in the countdown to the Cuban missile crisis.

Director - Sally Avens

The Cuban missile crisis took place fifty years ago. For thirteen days in October the world teetered on the brink of nuclear destruction. Our Saturday Drama, by the writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, is a love story from the time when everyone thought the world was about to end. When Dorothy flys over to England from Kansas to attend the friend of a wedding she finds herself the only American there apart from 'Shack' who works at the American Embassy. But she soon finds herself arguing with him over his flippant attitude to life and specifically Dorothy's marriage. But when she finds herself caught up in the crisis it is Shack who comes to her rescue and struggling to come to terms with the enormity of what's happening to the world they find themselves falling in love.

The writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran are responsible for such hits as Birds of A Feather, The New Statesman and Shine on Harvey Moon. Their last radio play 'Von Ribbentrop's Watch' met with great acclaim.

The play stars MIranda Raison who won acclaim for her roles in Spooks and Vexed and on stage as Anne Bolyen

Adam James plays Shack and appeared in 'Band of Brothers', Rome and Doctor Who as well as numerous stage appearances.