Love In The Afternoon

Series of love stories by bestselling romantic novelists.


0101The God Of Love20020805

By Michael Butt.

Marcy wants to get her wayward daughter into a C of E school and seeks religious instruction from Richard, who turns out to be more interested in jazz than Jesus.

0102The Air Raid20020812

Series of plays on the theme of love.

By Peter Tinniswood.

The sound of an air-raid siren is frequently heard in 1940, but Joyce's love flourishes under such conditions.

0103Sea Wyf And Biscuit20020819

Third in a series of plays on the theme of love.

By Shaun McKenna, based on J M Scott's novel.

Four shipwreck survivors are pitched into a struggle for survival in the ocean.

0104The Road To Lichfield20020826

By Penelope Lively, dramatised by Jill Hyem.

When Anne's father falls ill, she regularly visits him in Lichfield, where she meets someone much more suited to her than her husband.

0105The Girl Because20020902

By Emma Pearson.

Tom decides to introduce his girlfriend to his estranged father.

A shock awaits all three of them.

0106 LASTCourtin' Miss Lucie20020909

Last in a series of plays on the theme of love.

By Lisselle Kayla.

An innocent Trinidadian nurse falls for the dangerous charms of a Jamaican bus conductor in Cardiff in the 1950s.

0201Weathering The Storm20030912

Four dramatised love stories from across the world for Friday afternoons.

by Dona Daley England 1955.

Ernest is a 30 year old Jamaican who has been living in England for three years.

Isobel, his childhood friend has just arrived, with the intention of marrying him.

But there are complications A first radio play by Dona Daley who died unexpectedly last year.

It is dedicated to her memory.

Nadine Marshall plays Isobel.

She has just had rave reviews for Born Bad by Debbie Tucker Green at Hampstead Theatre.

She can soon be heard as Isobel in Radio 3's Measure For Measure.

Brian Bovell is Ernest.

Directed by Mary Peate.

News follows.

" / Love In The Afternoon Four dramatised love stories from across the world for Friday afternoons.


Weathering The Storm by Dona Daley England 1955.

0202Home To The Black Sea20030919

by Emily Woof.

In the second play in the series a young Tartar couple from the crimea are separated by stalin's policy of ethnic cleansing.

This is the true story of a love that survives a nation's tragedy.

Old Ayesha....Marcia Warren Old Iskender....John Rowe Young Ayesha....Rosamund Pike Young Iskender....Stuart Bunce Mehmet....Christopher Simpson Radio Host....Serge Soric Radio Producer....Ivan Marevich Mustafa....Ben Crowe Ayesha's Mother....Lisa Sadovy Little Anna....Amira Mccarthy Directed by Anastasia Tolstoy


by Dan Jamieson.

Raymond is lonely, bald and bullied by his boss.

But when, at an auction, he sees a beautiful hairbrush which once belonged to his mother, he takes his first steps on a strange road to happiness.

This is Dan Jamieson's first play for radio.

He also sails historic ships and spent several months sailing the boat used for the film, Shackleton.

David Troughton plays Raymond.

Directed by Marc Beeby

0204 LASTTonight I Write20031003

by Manjinder Virk.

The last of four love stories.

Maya has stumbled into living with city lad Chris and a dead end job in a bookshop.

But really she is a poet looking for a way out.

Maya....Manjinder Virk Nicola....Fiona Clarke Paulo....Bruno Lastra Chris....Ben Crowe Baldev....Harbhajan Singh Virk.

0301A Voice From The Past2008031020101226

By Penny Vincenzi.

When Anna befriends Rose, she is enchanted by vivid tales from the past

When Anna befriends Rose - a grand and very stylish resident of her grandfather's nursing home - she finds herself enchanted by vivid tales from a racy past.

Atmospheric short story by the bestselling romantic novelist Penny Vincenzi.

Read by Joanna Lumley.

Produced by Kirsteen Cameron.

0302Room Service20080311

By Jojo Moyes.

Sara's husband of fourteen years surprises her with a weekend break at a country hotel, but who is going to look after the dog?

Read by Doon Mackichan

0303Restoration Woman20080312

By Elizabeth Buchan.

A portrait in the National Gallery sparks an epiphany in a young widower.

Read by Tom Goodman-hill

0304Love In The Afternoon20080313

By Maeve Binchy.

Dutch courage leads a young wife to make a shocking discovery.

Read by Adjoa Andoh

0305 LASTThe Lion's Den20080314

By Josephine Cox.

A young man discovers that his heart's true desire is to be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Read by Robert Glenister