Love Behind Bars


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Could you forgive your son if he was convicted of rape? One mother shares her story.

Imagine you're the parent, wife or partner of a murderer or a sex attacker-how on earth would you ever come to terms with the reality of their crimes? Could you forgive them and still love them?

Crime writer and investigator Neil Mackay hears Becky's story and how she came to terms with her son's conviction for rape.


Imagine you're the wife or partner of someone who was found guilty of a serious, violent crime.

Would you still love them? Would you stand by them?

Neil Mackay hears Donna's Story who faced this very reality when her partner Stephen was convicted of stabbing another man in a pub fight leaving him seriously injured.

Having been a crime reporter for over 20 years Neil has talked to countless criminals and victims of crime, but rarely has he had the opportunity to hear what it's like for the families of the perpetrators.

In Love Behind Bars Donna tells her story and we'll get an insight into what it was like for her and her young sons when daddy went to jail.