The adventures of May and Ferdy - by Ian Curteis.

Although the dates suggest seperate series, each episode has a number.



The adventures of May and Ferdy - by Ian Curteis.

Although the dates suggest seperate series, each episode has a number.Ferdy telephones May and tells her that he has been deeply in love with her for 47 years. With Barbara Leigh Hunt, Bernard Hepton, Helen Ayres and Phillip Joseph. Directed by Tracey Neale.


By Ian Curteis The adventures of May and Ferdy continue when they find a baby abandoned on the steps of the rectory. Meanwhile, Archdeacon Pocket is making some very personal enquiries as to the nature of their relationship. Ferdy....Bernard Hepton May....Barbara Leigh Hunt Merv....Phillip Jospeh Pocket....Martin Hyder Edna....Jennie Stoller Elizabeth....Helen Ayres Tracey....Laura Doddington Directed by Marc Beeby


By Ian Curteis When a journalist begins to look for scandal among members of the local church community, May and Ferdy's relationship becomes the object of some very unwelcome attention. But Ferdy has a plan to turn the tables. Ferdy....Bernard Hepton May....Barbara Leigh-Hunt Merv....Philip Joseph Pocket....Martin Hyder Edna....Jennie Stoller Elizabeth....Helen Ayres Frances....Carolyn Jones.


Ferdy and May decide to go on a painting holiday to Wales, only to find themselves trapped in an adventure involving burglary and baked beans. Ferdy....Bernard Hepton May....Barbara Leigh-Hunt Elizabeth....Helen Ayres Edna....Jennie Stoller Humphrey....John Baddeley Talbot....Stephen Critchlow WPC Margaretson....Carla Simpson Imogen....Priyanga Elan Directed by Marc Beeby


The pair join forces with a young man who wants to save a hedgerow facing destruction as a result of the extension of the car park for the local bowls club. They come into full scale confilct with the treasurer of the bowls club - who also happens to be the local planning officer.

  • archivist....robert hastie
  • charles....derek waring
  • darren....Stuart Mcloughlin
  • directed by Marc Beeby
  • directed by Marc Beeby and tracey neale
  • edna....jennie stoller
  • elizabeth....helen ayres
  • ferdy....bernard hepton
  • keltie....Nicholas Boulton
  • may....barbara leigh hunt
  • merv....phillip joseph
  • parsons....John Rowe
  • rawlinson....Stephen Hogan
  • simone....ann bell

  • 0620041202

    May and Ferdy find themselves disagreeing about how to help a local woman known as the Black Widow.


    The last of three new plays by Ian Curteis in the popular series.

    Arrangements for weddings are being made. But things do not go quite as planned for May and Ferdy.

    May....Barbara Leigh Hunt

    Ferdy....Bernard Hepton

    Edna....Jennie Stoller

    Merv....Phillip Joseph

    Elizabeth....Helen Ayres

    Peter Keltie....Nicholas Boulton

    Grace Keltie....Jemma Phillips

    Ken Parsons....John Rowe

    Directed by Tracey Neale.