Lost Weblog Of Scrooby Trevithick

Comedy series written by and starring Andy Parsons.

Scrooby Trevithick has gone missing, leaving a number of recordings detailing his recent attempts to better himself.

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0101Motions *20080626Comedy series written by and starring Andy Parsons.|Scrooby Trevithick has gone missing, leaving a number of recordings detailing his recent attempts to better himself.Scrooby and his friend Walshie visit Cuba for a series of creative workshops.|With Andy Parsons, Ben Hurley, Katherine Jakeways, Frankie Boyle, Dara OBriain, Marcus Brigstocke, Michael Legge and Lucy Porter|With Katherine Jakeways, Henry Naylor, Michael Legge, Micky Flanagan|With Ben Hurley, Katherine Jakeways, Dara Obriain, Marcus Brigstocke, Michael Legge, Lucy Porter
0102Athletics *20080703Scrooby continues his quest to find himself by trying to improve his intellect with speed reading, having a brain work-out, trying Mensa classes and ending up with his ever faithful mate Walshie on top of Ben Nevis with a brick, a lighter and a book of Carol Vorderman's Sudoku.
0103Herb20080710Scrooby and Walshie discover their new next-door neighbour is a homeopath which opens a window into alternative herbal medicine.|Scrooby tries some guerilla gardening in the communal garden, but finds his herb growing is frustrated not only by his neighbour but also by the local police force and some unwelcome heavies.
0104Agate *20080717Experiencing some romantic problems, Scrooby finds solace in trying out feng shui.|He and Walshie meet a strange neighbour, get onto the wrong side of the law, try their hand at dowsing and find Monopoly not to have healing properties.
0105Fridge20080724Scrooby has been feeling overweight.|Having investigated various fad diets, he settles on a regimen involving fiendishly complicated calorific calculations.
0106 LASTDream20080731Scrooby is worried about the content of his dreams.|He tries to ease his nightmare-ridden slumber with the help of his mate Walshie, an analyst, a visit to a massage parlour and some very smelly cheese.