Lord Melbourne


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701119]


A personal portrait compiled from the anecdotes and reminiscences of the men and women who knew him: among them, Charles Greville. Queen Victoria, Anthony Fonblanque , and Harriette Wilson.

Lord Melbourne was brilliantly gifted but little concerned to make use of his gifts. When the King sent for him as the prospective Prime Minister he told his secretary that he thought thewholething'a damned bore' - and most certainly meant it. Relaxed, witty, and charming, he may have avoided unnecessary effort but was competent in carrying out what he must. His success in politics was not reflected in his relations with women. He was cited in two somewhat scandalous divorce cases and was married to the notoriously unfaithful Lady Caroline Lamb : Queen Victoria, however, was devoted to him. Produced by NESTA PAIN


Unknown: Jasper Ridley

Unknown: Charles Greville.

Unknown: Anthony Fonblanque

Unknown: Harriette Wilson.

Unknown: Caroline Lamb

Produced By: Nesta Pain