Look Back In Anger



A season of groundbreaking plays to mark the 50th anniversary of the English Stage Company at the Royal Court.


Look Back in Anger

John Osborne's classic play was singled out as the 'best young play of its decade' by critic Kenneth Tynan went on to claim its place as a major turning point in British Theatre.

Its central character, Jimmy Porter, first burst across the stage in May 1956, both shocking and charming his audiences - the original incarnation of the angry young man.

The play is set in the Midlands, in the mid 1950s, and charts the cruel but passionate relationship between Jimmy and his young wife Alison, as the pair struggle for survival in a destructive relationship.

Jimmy Porter....Ben Whishaw

Cliff Lewis....Grant O'rourke

Alison Porter....Samantha Young

Helena Charles....Frances Grey

Colonel Redfern....Gareth Thomas.