Look Back At Power

Steve Richards talks to former advisers to Tony Blair about their time in Downing Street, finding out what goes on behind the famous black door at Number 10.



Tony Blair has run Number 10 in a highly controversial way.

Critics say that in his haste to make progress in various policy areas, he has not paid enough attention to Cabinet government.

But how true is that criticism? And if decisions are not made around the Cabinet table, where are they made?

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This programme considers how policy is developed.

It asks what constraints the policy makers in Downing Street face from the 24 hour news media.

And where has policy-making gone wrong?

The former advisers include former head of policy, Geoff Mulgan; and the former head of research, Bill Bush.

They speak frankly about their time in Number 10, giving us a vivid sense of the atmosphere and mood behind the famous black door, and the likes and dislikes of a prime minister forcing through reforms in a style critics have dubbed sofa government.