Long Way Gone - Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier, A

By Ishmael Beah.

Read by Chuk Iwuji.

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0120070521By Ishmael Beah.|Read by Chuk Iwuji.Ishmael is just 12 years old when the rebel forces attack his village in Sierra Leone and he is separated from his family.
0220070522Ishmael, his brother and some friends start moving through the bush, trying to keep out of sight of the rebel soldiers.
0320070523Running away from a group of rebels, Ishmael has become separated from his brother.|He wanders alone in the forest and through abandoned villages, searching for food and drink.|Finally, he is captured by government forces.
0420070524The army has finally caught up with Ishmael.|At the age of 13, he finds himself trained as a soldier and sent out into the forests to kill the enemy.
05 LAST20070525After 2 years in the army, Ishmael has been turned from an innocent hip-hop fan into a pitiless killing machine.|But one day his lieutenant hands him over to UNICEF workers to be taken to Freetown and rehabilitated.