The Long Sunset


Genome: [r4 Bd=19901105]

Director: Martin Jenkins

Marcus: John Rye

Julian: Stephen Murray

Serena: Pauline Letts

Paula: Jane Knowles

Otho: David Spenser

Lucian: Lockwood West

Portius: John Gabriel

Arthur: Julian Glover

Gawaine: David Valla

Lugar: Edward Kelsey

Programme Catalogue - Details: 05 November 199019901105

Producer: M. JENKINS


Another chance to hear R.C. SHERRIFF's moving play, fisrt broadcast in 1971. Set in southern England in AD 410, it tells the story of the last of the Rom- an families left in Britain following the collapse of the Empire.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

05 Nov 1990 15:02-16:30 (RADIO 4)


Edward Kelsey (Actor)

Pauline Letts (Actor)

John Rye (Actor)

David Spenser (Actor)

Julian Glover (Actor)

Stephen Murray (Actor)

Jane Knowles (Actor)

Lockwood West (Actor)

John Gabriel (Actor)

David Valla (Actor)

R Sherriff (Author)

Martin Jenkins (Producer)

Recorded on 1990-08-07.


By: R.C. Sherriff

Starring: Stephen Murray/Pauline Letts/Julian Glover