Long Search, The

William Dalrymple investigates the roots of spirituality in Britain.

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0101In The Beginning2002061320020825William Dalrymple investigates the roots of spirituality in Britain.The stone circle at Avebury bears witness to the beliefs of our earliest forebears.
0102The Voyage Of The Coracle2002062020020901He traces the links between 6th-century Irish monks and the desert fathers in Egypt.
0103A Long Way From Home2002062720020908He explores the spirituality of the Roman missionary period in Anglo-Saxon England.
0104In The Company Of Friends2002070420020915The 12th century saw a huge increase in monasticism.
0105Mystics And Madwomen2002071120020922Did the views of two 14th-century women mark them out as early feminists?
0106 LASTFrom The Image To The Word2002071820020929William Dalrymple, with guest A S Byatt, investigates the roots of spirituality in Britain.|The traumatic impact of the Reformation.
0201The World Turned Upside Down2003112420040328William Dalrymple visits London's Banqueting House, scene of the execution of Charles 1st, and learns about the social and spiritual anarchy that followed the Regicide.
0202God And The Air Pump2003120120040404William Dalrymple gets to grips with a seventeenth century piece of experimental machinery, and assesses the impact of the New Science on the belief in fairies, the philosopher's stone and a miracle-working God.
0203The Woman Clothed With The Sun2003120820040411William Dalrymple encounters two very different eighteenth century visionaries, the artist and poet William Blake, and Devonshire prophetess Joanna Southcott.|He learns how they drew on contemporary millennial longings to articulate their vision of a new Jerusalem in England.
0204Black, Two Sugars2003121520040418To the Evangelical missionaries and Empire builders of the nineteenth century, God was an Englishman.|William Dalrymple learns how the Victorians saw the British Empire as God's way of making himself known to the world.
0205Apes, Angels And Apparitions2003122220040425The Origin of the Species contributed to a general crisis of faith in Victorian Britain.|William Dalrymple finds out how the Victorians turned to both technology and the sťance to answer the question that dominated their age - are we apes, angels or apparitions?
0206 LASTThe Times They Are A-changing2003122920040502William Dalrymple asks how secular a nation Britain now is, and whether religion has any part to play in its future.