Long March Of Sitarama Pande, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19701124]The Autobiography of the Unknown Indian Soldier|' Defender of the Poor: I now send your lordship, by the hand of my son. all I can remember of my life during the 48 years I have been in the service of the English nation, in which I have eaten seven severe wounds and received six medals, which I am proud to wear. May prosperity ever attend your footsteps. was born in the village of Tilowee in Oudh, in 1797...' with Garard Green as Sitarama Pande|Music for sitar, tabla, and tanpura played on record by NIKHIL BANERJEE , KANAI DUTT , and VIRAM JASANI|Adapted from the book From Sepoy to Subadar and produced by MICHAEL MASON|(A new companion programme, The Long Cool Look of Sitarama Pande : 1 December, Radio 4)|4.58 Weather


Unknown: Sitarama Pande|Unknown: Nikhil Banerjee|Unknown: Kanai Dutt|Duced By: Michael Mason|Unknown: Sitarama Pande