London, Europe

First of a new comedy series written by and starring Dave Lamb.


0101I'm Dying20040802

Hypochondriac taxi driver Dave thinks a lot.

This week, he reckons a) he's probably terminally ill, and b) his partner Lisa's probably up the duff.

He's probably wrong, but at least he can rely on the advice of his friends, not to mention his beloved Radio Four, to make him even more confused.

  • Dan Tetsell....the passenger
  • Dave Lamb....dave
  • Emma Kennedy....lisa
  • Jan Ravens and mark four
  • dave....Dave Lamb
  • ethel....june brown
  • jane ravens and mark perry as radio four
  • janice phayre....kylie
  • june brown....ethel
  • lisa....Emma Kennedy
  • manjinder virk....naz
  • mariella frostrup....jane
  • mark frost....matt
  • matt....mark frost
  • naz....manjinder virk
  • radio four....Jan Ravens and mark perry
  • the doctor....Dan Tetsell
  • produced by.... - graham frost

  • 0102Goodbye Money, Hello Wisdom20040809

    Are we all just a bit obsessed by money? Dave certainly thinks so - his girlfriend Lisa's in a flash new job, and it's a never-ending list of clothes to buy and clubs to join.

    Perfect week then to give up charging full fares in the cab and instead to try an experiment in bartering.

    0103Behind You 100%20040816

    Cabbie and student philosopher, Dave, gets stuck in an ethical quandary.

    Naz is protesting against a Russian food giant, which she describes as "the world's most unethical multinational".

    But guess who the corn snacks, which Lisa is advertising, are manufactured by? To her, the company is "the very wealthy helping to breed the very wealthy".

    And as usual, Dave can rely on the advice of his friends to make him even more confused.

    0104 LASTA Very Nice Love20040823

    Which is better, the romantic rollercoaster of a grand passion, or the comfortable bliss of a long-term relationship? Cabbie and student philosopher Dave - who's perfectly happy with partner Lisa - finds himself face to face with the dilemma, in the delectable shape of Jane the love of his youth.

    Will he drive her home, and will she give him a tip? As always, he can rely on the advice of his friends, not to mention his beloved Radio Four, to make him even more confused.


    Written by and starring Dave Lamb.

    Dave always tries to do the right thing - which gets him into endless trouble, especially with his girlfriend and his best mate.