Loaf Of Bread, A Jug Of Wine, A

Five narrative poems.

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01The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam2002012120020331Five narrative poems.Edward Fitzgerald's popular Westernised "translation" of the classical Persian verses, read by Sam Dastor
02The Pied Piper Of Hamelin2002012220020407Andrew Sachs reads Robert Browning's vivid retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale of the abduction of the children of Hamelin.
03Isabella, Or The Pot Of Basil2002012320020414Phyllida Nash reads an abridgement of John Keats' gruesome tale of love, murder and mourning.
04King Robert Of Sicily2002012420020421A medieval morality tale reworked by Longfellow into a rousing story of pride brought low.|Read by Stephen Thorne
05 LASTAutobiography2002012520020428By .|An archive recording of the Liverpool poet, who died just over a year ago, reading the first part of his memoir in poetry.