Living In The City



In the first of these two programmes, Alun Lewis will explore the social engineering of towns and cities.

What do you need to think about in order to build up a town from scratch? How do you integrate people with amenities in order to get the most efficient system? He compares new towns, like Milton Keynes, which are up for expansion with old cities like Glasgow, who went through a disastrous re-planning scheme after the war and which is only now coming right.

  From the past and present to exploring future planning ideas, Alun also finds out if the concepts from Sci-fi films will ever be a reality.

Will we whiz around the skies of our cities in remote controlled cars? And will living on-top of one another, with a constant buzz of traffic past your 35th floor window really be less stressful than city living is today?


Living in cities is dirty, tiresome and stressful.

What can technology do to make life more pleasant, especially when cities are growing bigger and more dirty every day?  In the second programme in the series we take a more in depth view of the technologies used today to make city living easier.

What happens to all the rubbish we generate and what is the best way to get rid of it? How can you fix the drains without digging up the roads? Alun Lewis goes down a sewer to find out. .