Liverpool Locations

Series of stories by writers with a Liverpool connection, inspired by the city's famous and forgotten places as it marks its year as European Capital of Culture.


AR01* Claire With Fair Hair20080303

Written and read by Beryl Bainbridge.

A boy goes for elocution lessons at the old piano hall and finds himself in another world.

AR02* The Prisoners20080304

By Dinesh Allirajah.

A chance meeting at the Prisoners statue on Exchange Flags causes Ruby to see things from a very different point of view.

Read by Gillian Kearney.

AR03I Saw Her Standing There20080305

By Ray Connolly.

A lonely man derives inspiration from a romantic liaison at the Cavern Club 40 years ago.

Read by Roy Carruthers.

AR04* Permanent Granite Sunrise20080306

By Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Based on the true story of Liam Brady, whose special skills were put to the test on Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral.

Read by Ian Puleston-davies

AR05 LAST* All Aboard The Liver Building20080307

By Paul Farley.

A woman embarks on a strange relationship.

Read by Sue Jenkins