Live From Durham

Stories by contemporary writers, performed live at Durham Literary Festival.

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AR01A Short Walk On The Cutting Edge2005101020070408Stories by contemporary writers, performed live at Durham Literary Festival.|Written and read by Alan Plater.|A comic and partially true account of the author's attempt to go out and find a story where something actually happens.
AR02Mind The Gap2005101120070415Written by Pat Barker.|Read by Ace Bhatt.|The award winning novelist's story explores a young British Muslim boy's experience of travelling from Yorkshire to London to watch the cricket with his father.|The boy's excitement turns to fear as he gets caught up in the enormous mass of people travelling on the Underground.
AR03The Street2005101220070422By Julia Darling.|Read by Madeleine Moffatt.|A comic and poignant tale about Amy Steel - a tough, elderly woman from the North East, who doesn't suffer fools gladly and has lived in the same street all her life.|When a strange looking official comes knocking on her door she's not impressed with his news.
AR04Three Fevers2005101320070429Written and read by Sean O'brien|One man's connection to a novel he's never read takes him back to a lost love affair by the sea and forward to his current relationship.
AR05 LASTThe Great Big Book Exchange2005101420070513Written and read by Paul Magrs|Enchanting story about a woman and her grandson's obsession with reading novels.|The woman begins to exchange books via a book shop and begins to develop a unique relationship with the owner.