Little Novels

Five Victorian mysteries by Wilkie Collins, dramatised by John Arden.

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19971231]|Five Victorian mysteries by Wilkie Collins , dramatised by John Arden. 1: Mr Policeman and the Cook|PC Brady has an astonishing deathbed confession to make.|Pianist Colin Guthhe Director David Blount
Genome: [r4 Bd=19971231] |Unknown: Wilkie Collins|Dramatised By: John Arden.|Dramatised By: Mr Policeman|Pianist: Colin Guthhe|Director: David Blount|Wilkie Collins: Ronald Pickup|PC Brady: John Quinn|Priscilla: Rachel Atkins|Priest: Hugh Dickson
01Mr Policeman And The Cook1997123119980824Five Victorian mysteries by Wilkie Collins, dramatised by John Arden.PC Brady has an astonishing deathbed confession to make.|With Ronald Pickup, John Quinn, Rachel Atkins and Hugh Dickson.|Director David Blount
02Miss Jeromette And The Clergyman1998010719980831Stephen Wheatmeal is to take holy orders.|But what should he do about his mistress in Chelsea? With Ronald Pickup, John Rowe and David Brooks.|Director David Blount
03Mr Marmaduke And The Minister1998011419980907Felicia leaves her father's remote manse to live in Belgravia.|But what is the source of her new husband's money? With Ronald Pickup, Peter Kelly and Emma Fielding.|Director David Blount
04Miss Bertha And The Yankee1998012119980914An Englishman and an American are rivals for the affections of a beautiful heiress.|With Ronald Pickup, Alison Pettitt and Jenny Lee.|Director David Blount
05 LASTMiss Morris And The Stranger1998012819980921With Ronald Pickup, Deborah BERLIN and Alastair Danson.|Director David Blount