Little Black Dress

A week of stories that take a rye look at that timeless classic the Little Black Dress.


0101What To Wear In The Absence Of Light2003031720040411

By Hannah McGill.

Camilla opens her eyes to find she has not, as she has hoped, achieved eternal peace, but rather appears to have landed in her very own personalised hell - the parental home.

Read by Jo James.

Produced by Lu Kemp

0102The Difference2003031820040418

By Sian Preece.

Read by Aled Pugh.

Mark's band are given a shot at fame, and his younger sister is on hand to create their look.

0103Alma Martyr2003031920040425

Written and read by Susie Maguire.

Radiating success, Midge wants to give her old friends a day out to remember.

They deserve it.

0104Dancing In The Dark2003032020040502

By Rosemary Goring.

Helen is surprised by the effect a little black dress has on her normally inattentive husband.

Read by James Macpherson.

0105 LASTLes Pompes Funebres2003032120040509

By Susie Maguire

Kate has been prepared for the death of her father, but not for his dying in FRANCE.

How does one display grief in a foreign language?

Read by Gayanne Potter