Literary Misfits

A week of literary mayhem as some of our best-loved fictional characters stumble into the pages of the wrong books.


AR01The Case Of The Scream In The Night2006041720071223

By Eilís Ní Dhuibhne, read by Michael Maloney.

When a mysterious Miss Jane Eyre calls at Sherlock Holmes' Baker Street residence, little does he suspect just how mysterious her case will turn out to be.

Producer Heather Brennon

AR02The Final Voyage Of Gulliver2006041820071230

By John Morrison, read by Mark Lambert.

When Gulliver is tempted to make one final journey, he inadvertently finds himself washed up on John Bull's Other Island (George Bernard Shaw).

What will he make of its inhabitants and more to the point, what will they make of him?

Producer Heather Brennon

AR03* A Vampire Vaudeville2006041920080106

By Kerry Lee Crabbe.

Lady Bracknell is very surprised when an unexpected visitor, Count Dracula, calls to ask for the hand of her daughter Gwendolen.

Will Lady Bracknell refute this preposterous request or, indeed, will she find herself bewitched by the unusual charms of this tall nocturnal stranger?

Producer Oonagh McMullan.

AR04* Casaubon In The Catacombs2006042020080113

By Anne Haverty.

Leaving the town of Middlemarch, the scholarly Mr Casaubon and his wife Dorothea embark on a trip to Dublin, but will they find themselves living the Life of Riley in the Emerald Isle?

Producer Heather Larmour

AR05 LASTPride And Homicide20060421

By Barry Devlin, read by Killian Donnelly.

When the notorious Butcher Boy, Francie Brady, arrives in Longbourn and takes up a position with a certain Bennett family, it can only be a matter of time before pride leads to something a little more sinister than a fall for one of the local residents.

Producer Heather Larmour