Lion Of Chechnya, The

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2005062620060702In the middle of the 19th Century, Chechen leader Shamyl united the Muslim tribes of the Caucasus against the Russian empire.|But, after an early military defeat, Shamyl was forced to hand over one of his sons to the Russian army.|The boy grew up devoted to Russia and the tsar.|Leila Aboulela's play focuses on Shamyl's fateful decision to kidnap a Georgian princess in retaliation for the loss of his son.|Shamyl....Raad Rawi|Princess Anna....Katherine Igoe|Prince David....Matthew Pidgeon|Tsar....Michael Cochrane|Madame Drancy....Caroline Loncq|Alexander....Jordan Waller|Jamal....Shiv Grewal|Khazi....Ben Onwukwe|Chouanette....Abigail Thaw|Ameena....Sarah Ozeke|Zaidette....Nina Wadia|Jamaluddin....Renu Setna|Lezgin....Harry Myers|Cousin/sergeant/Russian general....Richard Katz|Producer/director Bruce Young|By Leila Aboulela.|In the 19th century, the warrior Imam Shamyl united the tribes of the Caucasus to fight RUSSIAn colonial expansion.|Shamyl became a legendary figure and attracted the support of Queen Victoria who feared RUSSIA's increasing power would threaten Britain's interests in INDIA.|After an early military defeat, Shamyl was forced to hand over his eight-year-old son Jamal to the RUSSIAns.|Jamal grew up devoted to RUSSIA and the Tsar.|Years later, in an attempt to win the release of his son, Shamyl kidnapped a Georgian princess.