Light Of Darkness, The

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2010080120110904When Leslie Davis suddenly takes up a diplomatic posting in Harput, a remote province of Turkey, he is determined to find commercial opportunities for America.|Instead, soon after his arrival, Turkey enters World War One on Germany's side.|Davis finds himself playing poker to save the lives of his young secretary, his interpreter and many other Armenians.|Later he wrote up the account of his Harput experience in a book called Slaughterhouse Province.|Louis Nowra is a playwright who has researched Davis's life and work and the history of Harput.|He is based in Australia and was drawn to this story by way of his admiration for the music of the Armenian composer Komitas, which features in the play.|Consul Leslie Davis - John Guerrasio|Garabed Bergosian - Wiliam El Gardi|Sushan Krikorian - Betsabeh Emran|The Governor, Sabit Bey - Jack Klaff|The Chief of Police, Rachid Bey - Basher Savage|Dr Atkinson - Scott Handy|Mrs Balakian - Tamara Hinchco|Other parts were played by members of the cast as well as|Rita, Elise and Maral Ovanessoff|Gokman Gubener|Abdullah Tercanli|and Haydar Koyel|Technical Production by Peregrine Andrews|Director/Producer: Judith Kampfner.|A Waters Company production.|As Turkey enters the war in 1915, the American consul is playing a diplomatic poker game.