Life Skills

Series examining the huge boom in experts who are out there to help us cope with our day to day lives.


01Happy Families20040803

Today's programme meets the experts who are convinced, that for a small fee, they hold the key to domestic bliss.

Parent Coaches are now popping up round the country, and if that doesn't help, perhaps a teen coach might make your 14 year old more manageable.

Graham Easton looks at the stresses and strains of day to day family life, and investigates whether these experts really hold the key to domestic harmony?

02Getting On In Business20040810

Graham sends himself on some weird and wonderful training courses to make him more successful in the work place.

From running around dressed as a wizard as part of team building exercise, to learning strategic thinking from a Battle of Britain historian, Graham gets to grips with the skills that make us successful in our work life, looks at the basis for many of the techniques used, and asks if they really work.

03 LASTTea And Sympathy20040817

Graham Easton talks to the Life Skills experts who claim they can help you lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

He talks to a Life strategist, a therapist, an image consultant and a positive psychologist, who claim that happiness can be learned, and that they are the people to teach you.