The Life And Death Of Pier Paolo Pasolini



The mutilated body of Pier Paolo Pasolini, film maker, poet, homosexual and political activist, was found on a beach near Rome in 1975.

Italians loved him or loathed him, but who murdered him and why? Written by Michel AZAMA.


Christian Rodska (Actor)

Denys Hawthorne (Actor)

Richard Pearce (Actor)

Clive Mantle (Actor)

John Telfer (Actor)

Robert Portal (Actor)

Alfred Molina (Actor)

Dexter Fletcher (Actor)

Graham Callan (Actor)

Caroline Behr (adap)

Michel Azama (Author)

Jeremy Howe (Producer)

Recorded on 1991-08-29.

By Michel Azama, translated by Caroline Behr.

Alfred Molina plays Pasolini, the notorious Italian film-maker, poet, homosexual and political activist whose mutilated body was found on a Roman beach on All Souls' Night, 1975.

With Dexter Fletcher, Richard Pearce and Graham Callan.