Life And Death Of Pier Paolo Pasolini, The

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SUNP1991111219980329The mutilated body of Pier Paolo Pasolini, film maker, poet, homosexual and political activist, was found on a beach near Rome in 1975.|Italians loved him or loathed him, but who murdered him and why? Written by Michel AZAMA.|Contributors|Christian Rodska (Actor)|Denys Hawthorne (Actor)|Richard Pearce (Actor)|Clive Mantle (Actor)|John Telfer (Actor)|Robert Portal (Actor)|Alfred Molina (Actor)|Dexter Fletcher (Actor)|Graham Callan (Actor)|Caroline Behr (adap)|Michel Azama (Author)|Jeremy Howe (Producer)|Recorded on 1991-08-29.|By Michel Azama, translated by Caroline Behr.|Alfred Molina plays Pasolini, the notorious Italian film-maker, poet, homosexual and political activist whose mutilated body was found on a Roman beach on All Souls' Night, 1975.|With Dexter Fletcher, Richard Pearce and Graham Callan.