Letters To Mam

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1995052519960201cast includes Barbara Hicks, Christian Rodska and Hywel Morgan.
Programme Catalogue - Details: 25 May 199519960201First broadcast on 1995-05-25|Producer: F A|Next in series: SOUND ARCHIVE|Description|William INGRAM's thriller based on a ture-life case.|Davie, a young lad from the Welsh mountains, is accused of murdering the fabulously wealthy and kindly.|Lady White 1920's London is shocked.|Broadcast history|25 May 1995 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)|01 Feb 1996 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Christian Rodska (Actor)|John Telfer (Actor)|Andrew Hilton (Actor)|Barbara Hicks (Actor)|Rachel Smith (Actor)|Terry Dauncey (Actor)|Hywel Morgan (Actor)|William Ingram (Author)|Foz Allan (Producer)|Recorded on 1995-02-10.