Legal Affairs

Chris Thompson's five-part series about three solicitors in a country practice in the Midlands.



Life at Lang and Stafford has moved along comfortably but slowly - until the arrival of the dynamic Helen Shepherd, the new partner.

  • director brian lighthill
  • graham padden
  • julia st john
  • meera syal
  • ravi kapoor

  • 0219980904

    Morton is stalking Natasha and now knows where she lives.

    James has a surprise idea for Helen and the children.

  • additional cast.... - - - - graham padden, nina thomas, andrew robinson and meera syal.

    director brian lighthill

  • 0319980911

    Work and domestic life threaten to collide for Helen Shepherd as the planning enquiry for the proposed new shopping centre gets under way.

    By Graham Harvey.

    With Julia St John, James Warrior and Fiona Johnston.

    Director Vanessa Whitburn

    05 LAST19980925

    Two months has elapsed since the public inquiry, and the result will have far-reaching effects on both the personal and working lives of all involved.

    By Chris Thompson.

    With Graham Padden, Nina Thomas and Meera Syal.

    Director Brian Lighthill.