Left On The Shelf

Five best-selling novels that gripped society and then disappeared.


01The Battle Of Dorking20000605

by Lieutenant-Colonel G T Chesney (1871). The Germans invade and Britain is helpless.

02Anthony Adverse20000606

by Hervey Allen (1933). `The longest novel ever written,' said the publisher, and the first historical blockbuster - 19th-century swashbuckling and 20th-century sex.

03The Woman Who Did20000607

by Grant Allen (1895). Whatever she did, does she deserve her fate? What was the `woman problem' of the time and what was the anti-marriage league?

04Saturday Night At The Greyhound20000608

by John Hampson (1931). A mining village, a run-down pub and a desperate family tragedy. Why did it strike such a chord in the public's mind?

05 LASTAtlas Shrugged20000609

by Ayn Rand (1957). Described as the second most influential book in the United States, the novel examines what happens when the brains of the world go on strike to destroy our corrupt society.