Law Of The Arctic



The town of Qaanaaq in the far North of Greenland is home to a population of about 600 Inuit, or Polar Eskimos as they used to be known. The town has one prison. With one cell. And the door doesn't lock. Why would it? Where is a runaway prisoner going to run to?
In this new series, Clive Anderson dons thermal underwear as he finds out why Greenland is reputed to have the most humane legal code in the world in the most inhumane climate. Harsh sentencing is unknown, murderers and rapists may be released within days, and there are no closed prisons. But does the system work?

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Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is a startling mix of traditional culture and modern urban problems. Visitors can watch the Northern lights to the accompaniment of drunken heckling in the city centre behind them, and spot whales just yards from blocks of depressed social housing. Nuuk is also a town where criminals and their victims may meet on the street just days after an assault. In the second programme investigating the different way the law is executed in this most remote and frozen country, Clive Anderson discovers that open prisons are the only prisons in Greenland.