Laurence And Gus - Untold Stories

Laurence and Gus reveal the untold stories of some of life's bit-part players.


0101Death In Ipswich20050413

>A syphilitic ironing-board-cover designer has a chance encounter with the funniest man alive.

All seems to be perfect as the jokes flow freely, but can the laughs last?

  • produced by - Helen Williams
  • starring Gus Brown, Laurence Howarth, Alex Lowe and Katy Brand
  • written by - Laurence Howarth and Gus Brown

  • 0102Father And Son20050420

    This week's story is about a father and son from Lancashire who can talk quite openly and freely about love, sex and emotions, but can't bring themselves to speak about the embarrassing subject of football.

    0103I Don't Want Your Freedom20050427

    In a tale from the future, a man fights to have his freedom and individuality taken away from him so he can find happiness being just the same as everyone else.

    0104The Tea Of Yevgeny Shivpotnik20050504

    The Court of Peter the Great is rocked when a genius tries to steal Yevgeny's tea-making crown.

    0105I'm Not The Man You Used To Be20050511

    A pair of long lost identical twins are reunited but find they have less in common than they hoped.

    0106 LASTClarence Van Den Hoogenband20050518

    The brilliant scientist who discovers that the earth is not quite a perfect sphere.