Laurence And Gus - Men In Love

Heart-splitting stories about love, written by and starring Laurence Howarth and Gus Brown.


01Remote Love20060713

Distance makes the heart grow fonder for the smooth Daniel McManus.

02Clean Love20060720

A story of beautiful, noble and chaste love - and its frustrations.

03Overpowering Love20060727

The tale of Erechtheus, whose relationships have been marred by jealousy.

04Misguided Love20060803

The tale of a man who may just be too good at expressing his feelings.


Unspoken Love

Laurence and Gus continue their series about matters of the male heart, with a medieval tale of mishandled love.

Starring Gus Brown and Laurence Howarth.

Written by Laurence Howarth and Gus Brown

06 LASTUndying Love20060817

Laurence and Gus' comic series of anti-love stories concludes with the tale of a gentleman who would give anything not to have to tell the world that he's been dumped.