Late Mr Handel, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700112]A radio portrait of Handel in England 1710-1759|Though not a native of England, Handel spent the greatest part of his life in the service of its inhabitants, improving our taste, and introducing among us so many species of musical excellence that, during more than half a century, we neither wanted nor wished for any other standard.' DR BURNEY|Compiled from contemporary and other sources, and written by JOANNA RICHARDSON with Norman Shelley as Handel CHARLES SIMON , BRUCE BEEBY|DENYS BLAKELOCK , KERRY FRANCIS and WILFRID CARTER|Narrator BERNARD KEEFFE|Produced by DAVID DAVIS


Written By: Joanna Richardson|Unknown: Norman Shelley|Unknown: Handel Charles Simon|Unknown: Bruce Beeby|Unknown: Denys Blakelock|Unknown: Kerry Francis|Produced By: David Davis