Late Junction Sessions


22Late Junction20110224

Nick Luscombe introduces a specially recorded studio collaboration between jazz pianist Kit Downes and electronic musician Leafcutter John. Plus Nigerian highlife from Bola Johnson, solo drums from the late Steve Reid and the peculiar sound of a suburban Japanese pachinko parlour.

37Late Junction20120531

Tonight, classic Congolese rumba from Kékélé, a dramatic electroacoustic piece called Vinylika by Mexico's Rogelio Sosa, the Breton group Soïg Sibéril and a take on Greensleeves from pianist Bugge Wesseltoft. Plus a session specially recorded last month in Bogotá with Colombian musicians Carlos Ivan Medina (keyboard) and Wilson Cifuentes (flutes and saxophone). With Verity Sharp.

38Late Junction20120621

Fiona Talkington's eclectic mix includes a specially recorded collaborative session recorded at Maida Vale Studios with Norwegian drummer Erland Dahlen and John Paul Jones

39Late Junction20120830

Max Reinhardt presents a session featuring Axel Krygier, Cibelle and Simon Limbrick.

Max Reinhardt bids a fond farewell to August 2012 with Lord Kitchener's London Is The Place For Me, Keeril Makan's Resonance Alloy, Berio's Sequenza #1 For Solo Flute and an intriguing Late Junction Session which brings together Argentina's multi-instrumentalist prankster Axel Krygier, Brazilian songstress Cibelle and London based composer and percussionist Simon Limbrick.

40Late Junction20121129

Fiona Talkington presents an eclectic sequence of music including an exclusive collaborative session featuring two musicians who have never worked together before: Finnish traditional "yoik" singer Wimme, and British beatboxer and vocal instrumentalist, David X.

Every month Late Junction invites musicians who have not recorded together before, to come together in the studio and create unique music for the show, combining different styles and traditions. This month's session is a real soundclash meeting between the tradional Sami yoik (a kind of Finnish yodelling) singing of Wimme, with the gritty percussive virtuosity of David X's beatboxing.

41Late Junction20121220

Under the tree, Max Reinhardt finds music from the Choir of Jesus College Cambridge, Lord Nelson, Sufjan Stevens and Baby Dee plus a Late Junction Session from Nils Frahm, Ghost Poet and Hyelim Kim. Plus a raga from Ravi Shankar each night in tribute to the passing of a major figure in 20th century music.

42Late Junction20130124

Tonight's programme includes a track from Nicolas Repac's new album Black Box which samples the blues, the Huelgas Ensemble sing a 16th century lamentation by Marbrianus de Orto, and Terry Riley plays his New Albion Chorale. Plus the latest Late Junction session featuring techno curious accordionist Martin Green (Lau) and sitar innovator Sheema Mukherjee (Trans Global Underground). With Verity Sharp

43Late Junction20130228

Fiona Talkington presents an eclectic selection of music, including an exclusive session from American dobro-player Jerry Douglas and Norwegian accordionist Stian Carstensen, recording together for the first time and creating tracks specially for Late Junction.

44Late Junction20130321

Verity Sharp's selection includes a track from Cape Verdean singer Ze Luis's new album Serenata, breathtaking playing from Hungary's Gypsy Cimbalom Band; both Jackie Oates and Harry Cox sing about fishes and Hesperion XX play music by Antonio de Cabezón. Plus the latest Late Junction collaboration session, celebrating Radio 3's Baroque Spring season and pairing viola da gamba player Liam Byrne with Edinburgh-based sound artist Martin Parker.

48Late Junction20130711

Collaborative Session: Pianist John Tilbury fulfilled a long held ambition to collaborate with his friend, the avant-garde guitarist Derek Bailey who died in 2005. With the permission of Bailey's widow Karen, John Tilbury selected unreleased gems from Derek's archive and brought them along to Maida Vale where he created three tracks for prepared and unprepared piano. Presented by Nick Luscombe.

With pianist John Tilbury and the music of avant-garde guitarist Derek Bailey in session.

Late Junction Collaborative Session: Pianist John Tilbury fulfilled a long held ambition to collaborate with his friend, the avant-garde guitarist Derek Bailey who died in 2005. With the permission of Bailey's widow Karen, John Tilbury selected unreleased gems from Derek's archive and brought them along to Maida Vale where he created three tracks for prepared and unprepared piano. Presented by Nick Luscombe.

49Late Junction20130829

Urban Underground sounds from Brazil, BBC Radiophonic music by David Cain plus a brand new Late Junction Collaboration session featuring sound artist and recording engineer Robin the Fog. He gets his name from a love of recording fog horns, but for this project he celebrates the opening of the BBC's new Broadcasting House in London's West End, mixing random sounds recorded in the building with contributions by performance artist Franziska Lantz. Introduced by Nick Luscombe.

50Late Junction20130926

A Sound of Cinema Late Junction collaboration with Kimmo Pohjonen and the Loop Collective, plus Elizabeth Cotten, Yeahwon Shin and Peter Maxwell Davis presented by Fiona Talkington

51Late Junction20131121

Anne Hilde Neset presents Late Junction, with the latest collaborative session recording from Australian improv legends The Necks and a giant of the free improv world, British saxophonist Evan Parker. Also, music from Lord Beginner, cellist Okkyung Lee and Wadada Leo Smith.

Anne Hilde Neset presents Late Junction, with the latest collaborative session recording from Australian improv legends The Necks and a giant of the free improv world, British saxophonist Evan Parker.

A special collaborative session with Australian band The Necks and saxophonist Evan Parker

52Late Junction20131226

Max Reinhardt presents a specially recorded studio session by saxophonist and Radio 3 New Generation Aritst Trish Clowes in collaboration with violinist Donald Grant and writer Peter Cant. Also featured tonight are Okinawan sanshin player Hajime Nakasone and electronic experimentalists Matmos plus tracks by the Hilliard Ensemble, Keith Jarrett, This Heat and Califone.

53Late Junction20140130

55Late Junction20140327

Fiona Talkington introduces this month's Late Junction Collaboration session which brings together for the first time iconoclast, composer and pianist Charlemagne Palestine with fellow American, singer, songwriter and guitarist of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore, for what should be an extraordinary meeting of musical talents and minds.

57Late Junction20140605

Nick Luscombe with this month's Late Junction Collaboration Session which pairs Icelandic band Samaris with the Anglo-Mauritian musician and producer Mo Kolours. Plus there's

some Turkish pop-psychedelia, early 90s hip hop from New York's UMCs, original acid folk from COB, and a modern slice of roots reggae from Kalbata and Mixmonster.

59Late Junction20140717

Late Junction with Mara Carlyle, including a collaborative Session with Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry, violinist Sarah Neufield and members of London Contemporary Orchestra.

61Late Junction20141030

Anne Hilde Neset introduces the first ever live Late Junction Collaboration Session which sees The Bohman Brothers with Richard Thomas - who use found objects, text and an innumerable array of sound sources - paired with the Parisian improv and free jazz guitarist Noel Akchote. Musicians who've never met are introduced in the LJ studio and perform a spontaneous and improvised set live on the radio.

62Late Junction20141127

For this month's Collaboration Session we feature a trio who came together for the London Jazz Festival earlier this month, Diabel Cissokho and Kadiale Kouyate on koras, and Finn Peters on sax and flute. Plus a tune from Joseph Tawadros's oud-led jazz quartet, Rapoon's exploratory jazz musings, Yasmin Levy's take on a Piazzolla tango classic, harpist Ruth Wall's timely reworking of a seasonal classic, a new work by Charlotte Bray performed by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and a track from US controversialist Elisa Ambrogio, who approaches her audiences thus: "If you don't like it, start your own band." Presented by Max Reinhardt

63Late Junction20141225

Nick Luscombe brings a sackful of Christmas Day tunes with tracks from Sufjan Stevens, Booker T and the MGs, Celia Cruz and The Reverend Horton Heat.

64Late Junction20150129

The first collaboration session of 2015, involving glass harmonica player Thomas Bloch, electronic artist Kemper Norton and a disused silo in southern California that's been turned into an Aeolian harp. The brainchild of artist Lauren Bon, the silo-cum-Aeolian harp is a work entitled "Requiem for Water", a reminder of the once grand Owens Lake (dry now for 100 years) that used to supply LA with water. Thomas and Kemper in London at the BBC's Maida Vale studios will interact remotely with the Aeolian harp, creating new sounds and responding to musicians inside the silo. Also, Vintage Arab tunes, electronic sonatas and unearthly tones presented by Anne Hilde Neset.

65Late Junction20150226

Featuring Late Junction's latest collaboration session, with duo Xylouris White, saxophonist Pete Wareham and santour player Fanis Karoussos. Plus music on the theme of food and drink.

66Late Junction20150326

Max Reinhardt presents this month's Late Junction Collaboration Session features radically inventive violin virtuoso Aisha Orazbayeva and spoken word interventions from Tim Etchells, exploratory artist and writer, founding member of the new exploratory theatre group Forced Entertainment. Plus music from the very jazzist Alice Zawadski, from Francois and the Atlas Mountains, an anglo french band with African leanings, and much feted electronica composer and producer Jon Hopkins.

68Late Junction20150625

Max Reinhardt with another box of delights, including this month's Late Junction Session, featuring 3 musicians recording together for the first time: Marcus Hamblett on guitar and cornet, James Holden on home-made synthesizer, and drummer Mark Holub. Plus music on CD: glitchy joy from the Fennesz/OZmotic duo, Saharwi Rock from Mariem Hassan, a movement from John Harbison's String Trio and some Cameroonian Blues from Blick Bassy.

69Late Junction20150806

Including the second Late Junction at Latitude Collaboration Session featuring ESKA and Jesse Hackett. Nick Luscombe also features Ethiopian grooves from the UK-based Krar Collective, music for string quartet from American composer John Luther Adams, and remembering the late Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden, a track from Coleman's 1961 album This Is Our Music.

70Late Junction20151029

The Late Junction Collaboration Session returns as Berlin-based vibes innovator Masayoshi Fujita meets for the first time electro-music producer Guy Andrews. Listen live and download the podcast throughout November. Plus, Nick Luscombe plays Latin grooves from Eddie Palmieri, a solo track from Talk Talk's Mark Hollis and harpsichord music by Rameau

The Collaboration Sessions put two artists who haven't worked together before in the BBC's famous Maida Vale studios - the former ice-rink where Bing Crosby made his last recording. The resulting spontaneous recordings are broadcast on Late Junction, available for one month to download as a podcast and in some cases have led to a continuing projects between the artists.

Masayoshi Fujita is a Japanese vibraphonist and composer based in Berlin who first learned drums, followed by extensive vibraphone training to craft and play his own, mostly jazz and electronic-influenced compositions.

Determined not to stick to traditional vibraphone styles or techniques, Masayoshi started to prepare his instrument with pieces of metal, strips of foil and other objects in the search for new possibilities with the instrument. The resulting new sounds help to expand the vibraphone spectrum without eroding the instrument's intrinsic character.

'Apologues', his new release with Erased Tapes, was lauded by Pitchfork as 'Melodic constellations so impeccably gorgeous that they ache.'

Guy Andrews is a London based musician and music producer who is best known for creating textural electronic music, which combines an array of influences from post-rock, techno, ambient and afrobeat inspired genres. Fans and collaborators include Massive Attack, Mary Anne Hobbs, and Scuba. March 2016 sees his debut release on the Houndstooth label.

71Late Junction20151126

Nick Luscombe's varied selection tonight includes this month's Late Junction Session: from Zanzibar, Matona plays oud and violin, with Irish harpist Aine O'Dwyer, who also plays organ and guitar for this unique encounter, the first time they had recorded together. Plus, tracks by Welsh composer and performer Huw M, London psychedelic rock band Teeth of the Sea, videogame music from Austin Wintory and an organ piece by J.S. Bach.

72Late Junction20151210

Fiona Talkington introduces this month's Late Junction Collaboration Session featuring Norwegian drummer Thomas Stronen and Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson, recorded as part of Radio 3's Northern Lights season.

73Late Junction20160317

Presented by Anne Hilde Neset and featuring a specially recorded Collaboration Session with fiddle and recorder player Laura Cannell and harpist Rhodri Davies.

74Late Junction20160428

Adventures in music, ancient to future: Japanese duo Group A pair with improvising pianist Steve Beresford for a Late Junction collaboration session. One of Nick Luscombe's top gigs of 2015 was in a small venue round the corner from his house where he discovered Group A performing a blistering set on a step ladder whilst wearing lampshades on their heads. Hailing from Tokyo but based in Berlin, Group A create sound collages by processing vocals through an analogue synthesizer, a violin through a cassette player topped off with a drum machine. For this session they have been paired with a stalwart of the London improvising scene, pianist Steve Beresford who's not afraid of placing strange foreign objects inside expensive pianos. The result is a playful sonic adventure that combines analogue with digital and compares Tokyo to London.

76Late Junction20160623

Experimental electronic duo Matmos and 'anti-choir' Juxtavoices meet for a very exciting Late Junction collaboration session.

On top of their ten excellent studio albums, Matmos are well known for their numerous collaborations with Bjork. However, today's Late Junction collaboration session is with a group they've never met before - Juxtavoices, the 24 person improvising 'anti-choir' from Sheffield. Add to that the collaborative powers of an everyday Ultimate Care II washing machine, the sound of which is the source material for Matmos' latest album.

Verity Sharp also puts together some Midsummer Day music for you, and features great artists new and old, including Paddy Steer and Ernest Ranglin.

77Late Junction20160707

Nick digs into the Late Junction session archive to pull out some personal favourites. Highlights include music from Australian improv trio The Necks in session with British saxophonist Evan Parker recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale studios.

Plus the nostalgic horror soundtracks of Polypores, the wonky pop of David West and dub pioneer U-Roy.

78Late Junction20160721

LA based composer and musician Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is something of a modular synth fantatic. Mentored by 'diva of the diode' Suzanne Ciani, Smith has dedicated herself to mastering the idiosyncrasies of the rare Buchla synthesiser. For this one-off collaboration she meets free-form drummer Greg Fox, formerly of black-metal band Liturgy and now avant-garde duo Guardian Alien. Even more new music comes courtesy of Floating Points and film composer Roger Goula. And we celebrate the work of Thomas Adès as he prepares to unveil his long-awaited new opera inspired by Luis Buñuel: The Exterminating Angel.

Produced by Freya Hellier for Reduced Listening.

79Late Junction20160907

Three disparate folk traditions combine in this exclusive Late Junction collaboration session, recorded in the music rooms of Craxton Studios, a turn-of-the-century house in north-west London.

Duo Anna and Elizabeth play Banjo, fiddle and guitar and draw their inspiration from the mountain music of Appalachia, vocalist and saz virtuoso Asiq Nargile is from the Asiq tradition in Georgia while Bady-Dorzhu Ondar from the Alash Ensemble is a master of harmonic Tuvan throat singing, a technique from the southern fringes of Siberia that allows each singer to produce multiple pitches simultaneously. Over the course of a day in the oak panelled rooms of Craxton studios the musicians worked on several pieces including a percussive tap performance from Anna Roberts-Gevalt and a harmonic Tuvan vocal piece from Bady-Dorzhu Ondar.

Also on the programme an exclusive recording of a new piece by British pianist Kate Halsall, Adam Rudolph's Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra, featuring 11 of New York City's guitarists and brooding improv from Austrian group Polwechsel.

Produced by Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening.

80Late Junction20161020

Namaste. Fiona Talkington presents an exclusive session from American multi-instrumentalist and new age mystic Laraaji with Polish electronic music artist Ela Orleans, recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios.

Known for his prowess both on the electric zither and as a leading figure in laughter meditation, Laraaji rose to fame when he was discovered busking in Washington Square Park by Brian Eno. He released his debut album Ambient 3: Day of Radiance in 1980 as part of Eno's Ambient series and has been a key figure in new age music ever since.

Ela Orleans' brand of experimental electronica has been described as both "haunt-pop" and "movies for ears" and has won her the admiration of Thurston Moore, among many others. Her recent work includes a remix of Laraaji classic Kalimba, but this one-off Late Junction Session is the first time the two artists have met in person.

Also in the programme, baroque guitar from Rolf Lislevand and Buchla synth adventures from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani.

Produced by Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening.

81Late Junction20161117

Fiona Talkington presents a collaboration session from Angharad Davies, Tom Arthurs and James Yorkston. Never having worked together before, the trio spent the day at the BBC's Maida Vale studio to create something special, combining each of their disciplines.

Welsh violinist Angharad Davies works across improvisation and contemporary classical composition often preparing her violin with objects or materials to extend its sonic possibilities. Trumpeter Tom Arthurs was one of the first BBC New Generation Artists for jazz from 2008-2010. Now a resident of Berlin, he leads two international trios with luminaries from the European jazz scene. An author, songwriter and lyricist from Fife, James Yorkston has had a long relationship with Domino Records where he's collaborated with Four Tet, Bert Jansch and most recently released an acclaimed album under the name Yorkston / Thorne / Khan.

Plus, an Armenian song on a 78 rpm record Fiona picked up recently in Leiden, Holland and new music from folk duo Alasdair Roberts and James Green.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell for Reduced Listening.

82Late Junction20161215

Fiona Talkington presents a collaboration session between Matthew Kaner, Ross Sutherland and the Golden Age of Steam.

A group of artists from different backgrounds meet for the first time in the BBC Maida Vale studios to create a unique collaboration. Radio 3 composer in residence Matthew Kaner will write a new piece of music based on texts by Ross Sutherland. Ross re-writes classic stories and poems, including in this case Jerusalem, using an Oulipian writing technique in which every noun and verb gets nudged a certain number of places along in the dictionary, creating new versions of familiar texts. The Golden Age of Steam is an improvising ensemble with James Allsop on reeds, Kit Downes on keyboards, Ruth Goller bass, Alex Bonney electronics and cornet and Tim Giles drums. Matthew Kaner is the Radio 3 composer in residence as part of the station's 70th anniversary celebrations of the Third Programme.

Also featured in the programme, the sonic delights of Randall Thompson's Alleluia, British folk by The Furrow Collective and Balkan influenced bassist Toggi Jónsson.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell and Joby Waldman for Reduced Listening.

83Late Junction20170105

Max Reinhardt presents a collaboration session between legendary San Francisco bandleader Idris Ackamoor and upcoming London poet Kojey Radical.

Ackamoor is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, tap dancer, and theatre maker who made his name at Antioch College, Ohio, as part of Cecil Taylor's Black Music Ensemble. Radical is an avant-garde poet, MC, dancer and film-maker who broke through on radio in 2016. Never having worked together before, the pair of them spent a day at the BBC's Maida Vale studios to create something unique and new, combining each of their disciplines, supported by five members of Ackamoor's jazz band the Pyramids, and Radical's musical director Michael W O.

Produced by Jack Howson for Reduced Listening.

84Late Junction20170222

Verity Sharp hosts a session between Canadian Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq and Iranian producer and multi-instrumentalist Ash Koosha. Brought together for the first time for a brand new collaboration especially for Late Junction, the outcome combined the traditional music of their home countries alongside electronics, vocal samples and a slice of spontaneous improvisation.

Plus Bérangère Maximin's reimagined track from Véronique Vincent and Aksak Maboul's Ex-Futur Album, a new release by Scottish folk artist Alasdair Roberts and historic field recordings of diaphonic music from the Island of Krk, Yugoslavia.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell for Reduced Listening.

85Late Junction20170329

Find out what happened when PC Music met Early Music, in a Late Junction Collaboration Session recorded by pop producer Danny L Harle and early keyboard specialist Pawel Siwczak.

Harle is the chart-friendly musical mind behind the Caroline Polachek collaboration 'Ashes of Love', and 'Super Natural' with Carly Rae Jepsen. Strongly associated with the influential dance collective and label PC Music, he has also remixed for Christine and the Queens, Panda Bear and Tinashe.

Pawel Siwczak is an award-winning solo harpsichordist, fortepianist and historical keyboard specialist.

For this session Late Junction asked Harle to indulge his secret love of early and baroque music, and write scores for harpsichord and electronics. He and Pawel Siwczak had a day to arrange, develop, improvise around and record these in the legendary Maida Vale studios.

Also on the programme, Nick Luscombe plays hard-hitting electronics from Leeds producer Bambooman, laid-back latin bossa from Chicano Batman and Krautrock noise Czech style from B4.

Produced by Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening.

86Late Junction20170418

Verity presents a collaboration session capturing the first meeting of three musicians from different backgrounds; a master of Indian classical music Baluji Shrivastav OBE, American psych-folk guitarist Ben Chasny who makes music under the name Six Organs of Admittance and London's most consummate collaborator, drummer and percussionist Steve Noble.

Inspired by their differences, the trio created an uplifting variety of short improvisations ebbing and flowing between Ben's de-tuned acoustic guitar, Steve's intuitive rhythmic reactions and harmonic use of gongs and Baluji's bright and breezy palette of vocals, sitar, tabla, gopi chang and the dilruva.

Plus music by a banjo-wielding electronic experimentalist Baby Copperhead, Chinese composer Chen Yi and the electro-acoustic jazz duo of Moody Allen on processed marimba, tubular bells and effects and George Avramidis on trumpet.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell for Reduced Listening.