Late Junction At Womad

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All the usual eclectic late night listening plus Fiona Talkington's personal highlights from the weekend's WOMAD world music festival in Reading.


More highlights from this year's WOMAD festival, with performances by Irish urban folk group Kila, Jefferson Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, and Iraqi multi-instrumentalist Fawzy Al-Aiedy. Plus Nigel Kennedy's Polish collaboration with the group Kroke and Radio 3's World On Your Street artist Reem Kelani from Palestine.
With Fiona Talkington.


Fiona Talkington introduces more specially-recorded highlights from this year's WOMAD festival. Artists include the UK-based Kurdish ensemble Living Fire and the Guinean praise singer N'Faly Kouyate.
Plus more performances from the Radio 3 online project World On Your Street, which showcases UK-based musicians from all over the world and had it's own stage at the festival.