Latchkey Children, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19701222]and Their Parents|Four London families talk to RITA DANDO about the routine of their lives. All the parents are at work. All the children do a lot of fending for themselves. How do these families manage? What could, or should, be done to help them?|In discussion, DR MIA KELLMER PRINGLE ,Director of the National Bureau for Co-operation in Child Care, MRS ANTHEA HOLME , co-author of Working Mothers and Their Children, and GEORGE SCHNEIDERS , vice-chairman of the Clothing Manufacturers Federation of Great Britain. In the chair MADGE HART|Produced by BARBARA CROWTHER


Unknown: Rita Dando|Unknown: Dr Mia Kellmer|Unknown: Mrs Anthea Holme|Unknown: George Schneiders|Produced By: Barbara Crowther